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Weight Loss Buddy - Free Weight Loss App for Windows




Weight Loss Buddy - Free Weight Loss App for Windows

Weight Loss Buddy - Free Weight Loss App for Windows

Congratulations! You've just discovered your Weight Loss Buddy, the most accurate and effective weight loss application that you're likely to find.

Your Weight Loss Buddy accurately addresses your diet and your exercise to ensure that you maximise fat loss to lose weight and feel great!

Devised by a qualified sports scientist, your Weight Loss Buddy focuses on the following areas:

Body Composition (Weight, Body Fat Percentage, Lean Body Mass)

In order to lose weight, you first need to know your body composition. This means knowing not just your weight, but also your body fat percentage and your lean body mass. Your Weight Loss Buddy allows you to calculate all of these things, even if you don't have fancy bathroom scales with a body fat measurement function.

Body Composition (Weight, Body Fat Percentage, Lean Body Mass) - Weight Loss Buddy - Free Weight Loss App for Windows

Daily Calorie Requirements

In order to lose weight, you need to be eating the right amount of calories. In addition though, the calories you eat need to be made up of the right quantities of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. If you get this wrong, then you'll lose lean body mass (muscle) rather than fat. Luckily, your Weight Loss Buddy calculates this for you, based on your specific body composition.

Daily Calorie Requirements - Weight Loss Buddy - Free Weight Loss App for Windows

Exercise Intensity

Fat burning through exercise is all about intensity. Fat is your body's fuel of choice for endurance exercise. Therefore, by training too hard and too fast during your exercise sessions, you may not actually be burning much fat at all. Your Weight Loss Buddy will tell you the perfect exercise intensity for you to burn maximum fat, based on your specific details, so that you can make almost every exercise session burn away the fat and lose the bad weight.

Exercise Intensity - Weight Loss Buddy - Free Weight Loss App for Windows

As well as for personal use, Weight Loss Buddy could also be used as an educational tool in schools or colleges. However, it should be noted that the calculations used by the program are only accurate for people of adult age.

Important Note

Although all information and calculations in this program are based on established scientific principles, you should still consult your personal doctor or fitness professional before starting a new diet or fitness program, or making changes to your current one, based on information gained from Weight Loss Buddy. The authors of Weight Loss Buddy or the JRT Sports and Fitness website cannot be held responsible for any unfortunate injury or illness that occurs as a result of not following this advice, and you do so at your own risk. Be safe, and take care of yourself! We want you to be healthy!

Download your Weight Loss Buddy Now!

Weight Loss Buddy is a downloadable application that, once downloaded, can be used on your computer without requiring internet access. It's available for Windows operating systems, is 100% FREE, and doesn't contain adverts or any other nasties!

Latest Version: V1.0

Windows - Weight Loss Buddy app for Windows

Weight Loss Buddy is also available for Android Devices

Installation Instructions

Windows users will require Winzip or a similar program to unzip the download file.

The file unzips as a directory that you can place on your desktop or anywhere else you like on your computer.

To run the application, navigate to the newly created program folder and run the "Weight Loss Buddy.exe" application file.

Operating Instructions

Simply click the Left Mouse Button or press the "Return/Enter" key on your keyboard to move through the onscreen text.

When asked to make a menu choice, click once with the Left Mouse Button.

When asked to enter information, use the keyboard to enter the data, then press the "Return/Enter" key.

Saving of your data is not automatically. You must manually save your data when necessary by pressing the "Escape" key to bring up the Save Menu.

Technical Note

This application was creating using the Ren'Py engine. Therefore, if you have technical problems or issues related to running the application on your specific system, it may be worth examining the documention on the Ren'Py Website before sending a support request.


JRT Sports and Fitness is for information only. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained here and to keep its content up to date, there's always the possibility that some inaccuracies or out of date information might slip through the net. If you happen to find such information, please don't hold it against us. Kindly drop us an email pointing out our mistake and we'll endeavour to correct it. Thank You.

JRT Sports and Fitness: Weight Loss Buddy - Free Weight Loss App for Windows

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